Today, everyone has a website. Few, however, have a unique web interface. Customized web applications provide great help in performing everyday routine tasks, and can also increase the number of customers and buyers.

There comes a point in the life of every business where it wants to go beyond the possibilities provided by simpler websites, in which case it uses web development. Often, the company wants to make its own processes more efficient, so it chooses digitalization: for example, when an online appointment booking system replaces Marika on the phone. Web software or applications are usually created based on individual needs and support the business processes of enterprises. A professionally created web application will almost always bring back the costs of web development.

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In the following cases, we recommend the use of individual web development:

    • Webshop, creating a unique online store
    • Internal record systems
    • Enterprise maintenance software
    • Online payment systems
    • Web reservation systems, appointment booking sites
    • Food ordering and home delivery systems
    • Web interface for couriers
    • Order placing and order processing software
    • Creation and implementation of unique company management and administration systems
    • Individual modules developed for existing company management systems, e.g.: Microsoft Navision, Business Central, etc.
    • Creating completely unique web applications from scratch

How do we work?

Our programmers with an average of 15 years of experience are able to solve all problems that arise during web development. The work begins with the survey process.

      • Assessment: first, our consultants assess the business needs. During a joint conversation, we understand the problem and task. We discuss it in-house and send a solution proposal to the customer together with the price quote. In all cases, the offer includes a precise schedule.
      • Execution: the work begins after the acceptance of the offer. Of course, we carry out the web development, but we constantly consult with you. Together, we create milestones, after reaching them, we show working versions of the software under construction.
      • Demo: we will show you the final result before handing over, we are interested in your opinion.
      • Handover: Finally, we hand over the completed development in a turnkey form, all with an operational guarantee and post-implementation support.

If you work with us:

      • …in every case, we prepare a precise schedule and cost plan for you
      • …if you require it, we also provide you with a personalized support service

Common functions that our partners request during web development:

  • User management, multi-level privilege management with registration module (email or two-factor confirmation, forgotten password function)
  • Automated payment and banking module
  • Ad management
  • CMS – content management system e.g.: wordpress, drupal, joomla
  • Search, advanced search function
  • Ordering, requesting a quote, invoicing module
  • The latest search engine optimization requiredSEO
  • Automated email, edm and newsletter sending
  • Reporting module, generating unique graphs and statistics
  • Show product and services in a category system with filter criteria


  • Map view, search engines (such as Google Maps and Mapbox integration)
  • Social media integrations
  • Modules for displaying photos and videos
  • Online messaging, chat functions
  • Management of opinions and evaluations, development of a system for this purpose, as well as Google Reviews, Clutch integrations
  • Continuous newsletter subscription and unsubscription
  • Automatic product – or service purchase, order request for offer
  • Sending automated reminder or notification e-mail messages (e.g. payment reminder, new product or abandoned cart notification)
  • Sending automated push-notifications to users
  • API integrations, connection of separate systems and automatic data synchronization

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