Letaglózó SEO-barát weboldalakat készítünk

Responsive and search engine-friendly design: Google will love your website
Personalized web design: this will be the website they will remember
Guarantee: we not only prepare, but also support our work
Project management and consulting: if you get stuck in anything, we will help
Future-proof technology: what we make now will work later
Unique functions, tailored to you: the website adapts to you, not the other way around

Tele van az internet tucat weboldakkal, mamár minden vállakozás jelen van az interneten. Nincs kiábrándítóbb, mint a minden sarkon feltűnő, ingyenes megoldásokból összeollózott weboldal.

At Rebit Software, we always create websites with a unique appearance tailored to the business operations of our partners.

There are many benefits to creating a personalized, unique look on the web. In addition to immediately increasing the ability to persuade customers, it also contributes to business results. In this constant competitive situation, it is important how we present ourselves to our potential customers. A well-made business website

  • …appears earlier in Google search than competitors
  • …reduces the cost of acquiring new customers
  • …increases customer satisfaction
  • …remains memorable
  • …radiates seriousness and professionalism
  • …makes business operations more efficient, increases profits

You should find the answers to the following questions before you create a unique website for yourself:

  • What is your goal with the website?
    • Do you want an internet “business card” or would you also use it to acquire customers?Would you like an online store or a direct payment service for your site?
    • Do you need any unique functions, such as booking an appointment, reviews and more?
  • What should the website look like?
    • Do you have a finished image and an associated image manual?
    • Do you have any unique look patterns/elements that you stick to?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, don’t worry. Our team of experienced consultants and IT professionals will help you throughout the website creation process.

Website creation process:


In the first round, we assess your needs within the framework of personal meetings, on which a detailed brief is prepared.
After that, we prepare the functional specification for the project, design the product, so that you will have the wireframe of the app and software in your hands. Based on these, we provide a personalized detailed offer and project schedule.

As a next step, we will design the future product architecturally as well, taking into account your business interests as a primary consideration throughout the process.


Our developers carry out the frontend, backend, sitebuild, mobile development tasks with the coordination of our project manager, including you in the joint work, thus ensuring that you have the opportunity to make changes if necessary.


Properly performed testing during development and before introduction, also supported by the customer, ensures that the customer receives a product of the right quality.

Introduction, operation

The work does not end when the app is uploaded to application stores, or when a web store or individual web development is activated. It is very important to make the completed application visible to potential customers. Our expert SEO and online marketing expert colleagues will help you with this!

  1. After contacting us, we invite you to a free, first conversation, where we discuss in detail exactly what you want. li>
  2. If you decide that you want to work with us, we will start working on your site as soon as possible
  3. After that, our web designer will contact you based on a short conversation or written instructions creates the unique look of your website – if you don’t have a logo yet, of course >
  4. After we are done, we will give you all the necessary information you need to know

Website development prices:

It is difficult to predict how much your future website will cost. Each of our customers comes to us with unique and different needs. Based on our previous experience, we have prepared a list that contains indicative prices for the creation of an average, unique website.

Domain name:

Reserving the unique address of the new website. The price applies to domain names ending in .hu. The amount to be paid to the domain service provider can be several times this, if you choose a different, international ending, for example .com or .net.
1,500 HUF / year

This is practically your own publicly available folder from the Internet. This is where the minds of your websites become available. You need to pay this amount to the hosting provider. We will, of course, help you choose the storage provider. price)

Web design planning:

The web designer – in consultation with you – prepares a detailed plan for the appearance and appearance of the website, together with the so-called image manual, which you will use later.
150,000 – 200,000 HUF
Website creation – implementation:

Our experienced programmers will create your website. This means the implementation of web design plans in practice, as well as the customization of the content management system, such as WordPress, based on your needs.

Online store, webshop:

If you want unique functions, such as a payment option, for your website, after discussing the exact functions, we can give you an hourly fee-based offer.

200,000 HUF- from

If you are willing to make compromises and a unique appearance is not important to you, you can even create your own website for free: Website creation for free